Rich Sanchez

Rich Sanchez’s distinguished career spans over a decade, marked by visionary leadership and operational excellence. His strategic prowess is evident in managing multi-million dollar corporate investments and cultivating partnerships alongside industry giants such as The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), and Credit Agricole.

With transactions totaling $250 million, Mr. Sanchez’s expertise extends to private and capital markets, where he’s orchestrated relationships for venture and private equity-backed companies, including an impactful EdTech venture supported by TPG Capital’s $4 billion Rise Fund.

A stalwart in M&A and corporate development, Mr. Sanchez’s impact is profound. As partner and advisor to five successful portfolio companies, he leverages alternative data and technology for substantial returns. His financial acumen shines through his developments in building systems for analyzing thousands of business acquisition deals for Private Equity firms and strategic buyers.

Capital raising and investor relations define Mr. Sanchez’s strategic capabilities. He secured $300 million in project financing and established partnerships across multiple sectors. With a network of over 450 motivated deal makers, Mr. Sanchez’s aptitude in developing an investor relations platform with digital marketing assets has been instrumental in launching Pierson Equity Group, a $20 million real estate debt fund.

Mr. Sanchez holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Mr. Sanchez’s legacy as a visionary leader and operational mastermind resonates across industries. His transformative contributions redefine investment strategies, foster partnerships, and elevate organizational impact.